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Today's fast-paced living demands that you spend at least some time behind the wheel of a car, usually everyday. Proper driving posture can help you feel better when you get to where you're going.

Here are some tips:

  • Keep your buttocks close to the backrest of the seat.
  • Support the arch in the small of your back with a towel roll or a lumbar support.
  • Move your seat up close to the steering wheel to keep your knees either at the same height or higher than your hips.
  • Stop the car to stand and stretch at least once every hour. Put your hands in the small of your back and arch backward.
  • If you spend a great deal of time driving, you might invest in a low back support or an orthopedically designed car seat.

Whether you spend an hour a day on a freeway or 40 hours a week behind the wheel of a truck, poor posture can cause unnecessary discomfort. Try these driving tips, they're easy and they work!

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