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North Shore Pediatrics Well-Child Visit & Immunization Schedule

Below is a summary of well-child visits at North Shore Pediatrics and the immunizations that are given at each of these appointments. At each visit you can expect a complete physical exam, an assessment of your child’s growth and development, and “anticipatory guidance” regarding safety and common childhood issues.

Newborn PE No Immunizations
2 Week PE (at Providers Discretion) No Immunizations
1 month PE No Immunizations
2 month PEVaxelis #1, PCV13#1, Rotateq#1
4 month PE Vaxelis #2, PCV13#2, Rotateq#2
6 month PEVaxelis #3, PCV13#3
9 month PE No Immunizations
12 month PE HepA#1, PCV13#4, Lead & Hemoglobin
15 month PE MMRV#1
18 month PE Pentacel, HepA#2
2 year PE Lead & Hemoglobin
3 year PE Lead & Hemoglobin
4 year PE Kinrix (DTaP#5, IPV#4) & MMRV#2
5 year PE Vision & Hearing
6-10 year PE Vision @ Odd year PE’s
11 year PE Tdap#1, MCV#4, HPV#1
12-15 year PEHPV If not given @11 year physical, Hep A if needed**
16 & 17 year PE MCV4#2, Meningitis B series, HepA If needed**
18 Year PE Td, Hep A If needed**

Vaxelis–DTaP, IPV, HIB, Hep B

*Pentacel – DTaP, IPV, HIB

** Hepatitis A – Some of our older patients did not receive HepA as a toddler, this series may be started at anytime

Abbreviations used above: Hep B-Hepatitis B; DTaP-Diphtheria Tetanus & acellular Pertussis; IPV-inactivated Polio; Hib-Haemophilus Influenzae Type b; PCV13-Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine; MMR-Measles, Mumps and Rubella, MMRV-combination of Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varivax; MCV4-Meningitis A/C/W/Y

Printable version of this immunization schedule here

View vaccine information sheets by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:  Vaccine Information Statements (VISs)

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