Testimonial 16

We love Dr. Dufresne and have recommended her to others. She is relatable, kind and knowledgeable.

Testimonial 15

Dr. Danis is the utmost professional He’s an excellent doctor and always addresses all of my children’s needs and concerns. Outstanding in every aspect!

Testimonial 14

Dr. Danis continues to provide excellent medical care for my children. He goes above and beyond with questions and concerns. Extremely professional!

Testimonial 13

Dr. Thomas Semen is an outstanding doctor and person. We are grateful to be acquainted with him.

Testimonial 10

Our appointment with Dr. Dufresne was our first at the practice with our newborn son. She was very welcoming and answered all our questions and was very patient!

Testimonial 9

You ask if I would refer friends to this practice and I have! North Shore Pedi is tops!

Testimonial 8

Dr. Goodman is excellent, prompt, knowledgeable and personable.

Testimonial 6

Absolutely love Dr. Danis and the whole team. Very experienced, professional and caring.

Testimonial 4

Dr. Seman has a great rapport with my son and he also gave me some encouragement about getting a morning routine chart. Once I began using the morning routine chart, my son’s ability to get to school on time has changed so much for the better. Thank you Dr. Semen!

Testimonial 3

Dr. Dufresne goes out of her way to provide the best care for my son and answer all of my questions.

Testimonial 2

The nurses and Dr. Goodman have been fantastic with our son and have shown us fantastic respect and medical care. We are very impressed and pleased. Thank you!

Testimonial 1

Dr. Danis has been my doctor since birth–I would not change a thing.

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